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Written by our resident gamaholic back in the early days of the PS3, PS media tunnel is a simple to setup, light weight server that you can load up on a PC and browse files from your game consoles web browser.


  • Directly access files on your PC through the PS3, PSP or any other console web browser.
  • Download movies, images, music, etc from your PC onto the PS3.
  • View images live from your PC on your console.
  • Simple viewer makes browsing files easy.
  • Works over any home network simply and efficiently.
  • Designed with secure access to your PC to only allow authorized consoles into your files
  • And best of all, it's free!


Download from this link: PSMediaTunnel.exe (3.7mb)

Installation Instructions

  • Download the installer to your computer
  • Locate and run the downloaded installer
  • Start PS Media Tunnel from the program shortcut created in your start menu
  • You will now have a new icon in your system tray (usually beside the clock)
  • Hold your mouse over the icon and it will display something similar to the following text. Take note of the web address - In the example this is '', but it will probably be different on your system

  • Open up the web browser on your console and enter the web address that was displayed on your computer. You will be presented with a security access page.
  • Return to your computer, right click on the PS Media Tunnel icon and select options

  • Switch to the 'Registered Consoles' tab and you should see your console with a status of 'Waiting for authorization'
  • Double click on your console to get the authorization key

  • Back on your console, enter the authorization key in the box and press 'Authorize'
  • You will be informed that the console is now registered and that you can now access your PC files through the PS Media Tunnel page.
  • It is recommended that you now bookmark the page that you are taken to for convenient access to your PC files in the future
  • Enjoy

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